Monday, June 27, 2005

Why I think I make a good reviewer

There are many people that do, I know. However, I believe I have afew good reasons why I am a good reviewer by most peoples standards.

I think about what I write. What you see on the site will be well thought out and backed up by source information as much as possible. If you are using the site to decide what to read, then you need to know that I will give an honest opinion that you can trust.

I like multiple styles. I'm not stuck with one style. The comics I read (which I'll be sharing in my next post) come from many different styles and philosophies. There are comics that have bad art, comics that have the same art repeated, comics in a gag a day style, story comics, humorous, serious, manga, you name it. So I will be less likely to pan a comic just because it's not my style.

I write well. This is probably the most important. Most of the time, the syntax or spelling and punctuation errors will be slight, so you can read without being distracted by them.

I am able to put myself into a certain mindset easily, especially if that mindset is an emotional one. I can usually read comic as it was intended to be read rather than having one reading style I will adapt to the style I think best fits the comic.

I don't speculate. I assume nothing. The way I watch movies or read comics is to finish watching or reading and then think about what I've seen. If something hasn't happened yet, I try not to assume it will. I will be less affected by my preconceptions.

I can see the good as well as the bad. I don't think if something is good then everything about it is good. I don't think that if something is bad, then everything about it is bad. I can usually see both sides, and place myself on that spectrum where I see fit.

That is why I think I will be a good reviewer. It might be a little rough at first while I try to find my style, but once I settle into it, it should be fine.


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