Friday, July 08, 2005

She would need superpowers if she delivered pizza everytime someone ordered

(picture from Questionable Content. click on the image to see it within the context of the website.)

Jeph Jacques does a good job of aping everyday conversation and coupling it with the wit we all think we have. In a way that makes his comic funnier because it seems so familiar even if we haven't been in some of the situations the characters get into. He also is good at taking weird situations and making them seem normal. Pintsize is a good example of this. After you get over the idea of a talking robot computer, you sort of except him as the real thing because everything in this world seems normal, even if it's not.

Look at this comic. It features a superhero ordering coffee. Pizza Girl has been in the comic before, but she was there for one panel then left. Here Faye is trying to figure out if she's for real, and not having an easy time doing so. The funny part of the comic is they're not treating it as anything out of the ordinary. It just normal.

I do like the idea that the enemy of Pizza Girl is Chinese Delivery man. It makes since. I wonder what he'd look like and what his powers would be.

That's it. This comic is going in my top 5.

Wait. It's already there.

In that case, Jeph Jacques gets a buffer.

A tasty tasty buffer.



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