Friday, July 08, 2005

Considering what's happened so far, a Lewis Carroll reference makes sense

(From Fallen Angels Used Books. Click on the image to see it within the context of the website.)

I really like where this Sylvester story is going. He's proving to be a very interesting character, even if he is a little bit passive.

In this comcic he just got done beating up a couple of goblins or whatever with an umbrella. It was a neat fight because he was using classic fencing stances while doing it.

It's also obvious that Sylvester is very well read, as many novels are referenced within his story. The other stories didn't do this at all, I think. It's great to see that as each character takes the helm from the previous and picks up their story the style completely changes. I can't wait for Paula to get a turn. I'd like to see evidence that she's not as single minded as she seems.

For now, Fallen Angels Used Books is going to my top 5


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