Friday, August 26, 2005

Wow I'm actually getting things done

I finished updating my reading list after reading a bunch of comics. Next will be to build a waiting list (which will consist of al the comics I read that are not on my reading list) and a Now That It's Finished Archive. Waiting List won't have blurbs, so that will make it a little easier. After that, more reviews. I have a few comics lined up to be reviewed, two which are done and get the full fledged "now that it's finished" review. I've also decided to change the format of the "now that it's finished" reviews so they look slicker. My regular reviews will have the format of my 1/0 review.

In other news squidi is now off my reading list because he decided to quit. I got all his archives saved on my hard drive. (Thanks for zipping them, by the way) I'm sad because I don't get to give him a now that it's finished review since the comic didn't come to a satisfying conclusion (i. e. the story reached it's end rather than stopping in the middle) so I'll just hold up a candle and say I really liked his work. I don't keep track of drama. in my opinion, if I like the creator's work, it doesn't matter what the creator is like, I'll keep reading his work. Apparently he made people mad. I'm not sure. He made a good webcomic, though. Reman Mythology is also off for the same reason and I'm sad for the same reason as well.


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