Monday, January 02, 2006

Updates (because I'm not dead)

I admit I have been slacking. I had intended to finish my review for Checkerboard Nightmare before winter break. Obviously, I failed. Miserably. The good news there is I'm currently doing character synopsies, so I'm more than half way finished. I'm going to start with that again very soon.

After Checkerboard Nighmare I have a review of Our Home Planet to write, followed by 8 1/2 by Eleven, since it was requested by the author, followed by in whatever order.

Built for Comfort

Coffee Acheivers

Sacred Pie, and

Sam and Fuzzy

I might provide links later if I feel like it.

Also once I get through the long archives crawl, I'll update my reading list. There are a few comics I haven't been reading before that I am reading now.

William G's blog is of the link list since he's no longers reviewing comics. No offense to William G himself.

Also on the agenda: Finish compositions for my recital in Spring 2007. Get back to writing for my movie review sites (yes, they're both fully written by me). School work. Practice for Phantom Regiment. Eat. Sleep. Other projects that I have set aside, since I intend to finish them all.

I might announce some of these projects on here because they may or may not be comic related. However, I'll only do that when I finish them.


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Our Home Planet? That's probably the only one I haven't heard of, really.

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