Sunday, February 26, 2006

And Stu Passes, In Much the Same Way as Mercutio, Except Without the Cursing

(Picture from Sluggy Freelance. Click on the picture to see it within the context of the website.)

It seems that "Oceans Unmoving," Pete Abrams try at epic storytelling, is finally winding down. It was a long haul, and many people didn't like it, but it wasn't without its good points.

If you could ignore for a little bit the fact that the only regular from the Sluggyverse in that story was Bun Bun, what you had was a strong story with many twists and some pretty good character development as well.

I mean, to see Calix move from being a naive islander to vengeful first mate of the Bloody Bun to a sort of romantic lead to revolutionary to a man in his own right. All his changes made since. He was forced to change his outlook because of Bun Bun, and because of the situation around him, yet he still kept some of his core personality throughout the entire storyline.

Kada has changed a lot too over the course of the story. She's lost a little bit of her cockiness, and gained a little bit of maturity as well. Even the greys have evolved, changing from pure comic relief to characters with personality, and the caribs, well, the less said about the caribs the better. They're kind of like the Jar Jar Binks of this storyline.

However, I will say that Stu's death is a fitting death indeed. (Did I mention there would be spoilers in this review? Well, too late to warn you now.) As a purely humorous character who never lies even if it would probably be in his best interest to do so, he ends it all by telling a lie, and a pretty big one at that. Yes, this one got a laugh out of me. It's just so wrong and so unexpected. Makes for a good end to an okay character.

I'm going to put Sluggy Freelance in my top 5. Hopefully Abrams lives up to that in his next storyline.


Blogger Tangent said...

The second half of Oceans Unmoving is a superb story, once Kada appears in it as a regular part of the cast. As a Sluggy Freelance story, it's okay. It could have been much more interesting if Riff, Torg, and crew had been transported there and worked with BunBun to escape. Because... Sluggy Freelance is about the cast, not one character.

As an independant story, an independant comic... this is where Oceans Unmoving finds greatness. It is a fantastic concept and a superbly told tale... and has the seeds of greatness within it. Pete needed to find his wings, and his breath... but once he did so, this story became something magical.

Unfortunately, he had to rush things. And it is unfortunate. Because I think I could have grown to like Kada, Stu, and the others even more than Zoe and Torg and Riff and the other Sluggites.

Robert A. Howard, Tangents

9:42 PM  
Blogger Mr K said...

I am currently reading through the archive of sluggy freelance again, and I suspect that OU will read much better the second time through. I have to admit, at the start I was very confused, but as time progressed I felt myself getting attached to the storyline. Unlike most I have never really disliked bun bun, so I can quite easily enjoy a story with him in it.

To be fair though, every single strip where they played a "crazy carver and the" thing to explain it was goddamn awful.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Kneefers said...

I've always liked OU, for some reason. I like BunBun, and the premise and setting and such are fantastic, so... hey, what's not to like? Once it ends definitively (it's still not quite over yet) I'm going to go and treat myself to a read-thru of everything from the That Which Redeems storyine (my favorite storyarc EVAR!!1!) until the end of OU. Should be fun.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Andrew Araki said...

Cool. Have fun with that.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome comic...

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care much for the regular bunch of sluggites (in fact, I downright wish painful death to most of them) so I only check out the developing storylines every month or so. OU had me coming back every day. Excellent story.

5:27 PM  

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