Friday, April 21, 2006

Review: 8 to one

(All pictures from 8:1 by B. Duffy. Click on the pictures to see them within the context of the website.)

So I decided that to post more often, I would review my reading list, and everytime I decided to add a new comic to my reading list I would write a review explaining why it's added. Now That It's Finished Reviews still get first priority, followed by requested reviews. I just want to give myself a reason to write more often.

Anyways, the comic.

Eight to 1 is a semi-serious look into the lives of a couple of social outcasts. A little while in, they meet Lori, a shy girl who is a little unsure of herself. What follows is a drama where we watch them mess up their lives multiple times and just try to function socially.

The comic itself is still a little bit young. It's starting to show a little bit of age, and the characters have been around long enough to develop, but it still feels a little bit like it's introducing a situation. There are two artist characters that insist on talking to Charles (one of the main characters of the strip). I'm not quite sure what their purpose is yet. I can tell they're important and that they play a major role, but I'm not sure what it is. Are they a catalyst for change, are they going to boost Charles' confidence, or are they going to give him a reason to remain reclusive and separated from the other characters? I'm not sure.

Now this seems like a real depressing comic, and it is in a way. Story is a lot more important than humor, and the characters all have very real problems they have to deal with, but there is a little bit of humor added to the mix. The first comics, which are used to establish the characters of Charles and Mary, are mostly one-shot jokes. They aren't all good jokes. In fact, many of them fall flat. I don't think there's really any joke that's funny in the "ha-ha" sense. However, a little humor does help to take the edge off for some of the lower moments.

The biggest postitive for eight to one is its interesting characters. The comic may still feel young, but I feel I know enough about these people that I want to know what happens to them. Does Charles remove himself from his stupor? Does Mary find direction? Does Lori find her voice? I want to know, and I will continue reading so I can find out.

8 to 1 is worth reading. Don't expect to fall out of your chair laughing during the run. Read it for a nice character study of people who are afraid to interact with others.


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