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Okay, just to let you know, I'm sober right now. I have everything set up, though. I've got a bottle of Skol vodka, which I plan to mix with a bunch of other beverages on my road to intoxication. Should be fun. I haven't planned anything in advance besides what I'll be drinking. I tend to become a little more talkative when under the influence, and because my inhibitions will be compromised, I'm sure that tonight, I'm going to put the first swear word on the site. Oh well. I plan on leaving all spelling and grammar errors in to add to the humor.

With that in mind, let's start drinking. I'll start writing again in a bit.

Okay I'm back, and so far I've found out that vodka kind of tastes like rubber, but you have to love that burn as it goes down. I've tried orange juice and coke so far. I think I like the coke better, but that's personal taste, I'm sure. After three glasses, it's just starting to take effect. Woo. There's the dizzyness. I stopped because I was starting to get full, but I'll be drinking more soon. I'm not quite drunk yet.

So, um, right. What should I talk about. I wonder if I can ruin my career as a teacher by doing this. I'm not driving so it should be fine. I think I'll get another drink.

Man this is going to be fun later. I can tell. I have my computer set up so that I can use it while sitting on my bed. It's kind of fun, though it makes getting to the computer a little difficult. I'm not exactly the neatest person in the world. as anyone who sees my room cna attst. Whever.

Anyway, I just got done with marching band season. I wasn't actually marching. I was working at a local band. It was quite a different xperience from actually marhing in the band. I never realized how mu[ch work goes into teaching.

The beggest probem is when you have an idea that hyou wanet to convey and the kids jsut aren't getting it. You try to drill in their heads again and agfain and it just doesn't stick. It's like working with .. I don't know what it's working like, but it is.

Music is a big part of my life, you know. I plan on making it into a carrere that's how much it menas to me. Think about it. Music controls your emotinos more tha tn antything else. I would say more athat any other forme of art.

Music can make you feel elation, sadness, confusion, whateveer you want it to feel., and you can find any music to hae;lp yoiu. I have a bunch of articles which I havce yet to find pictures for and and one of them is about music in webcomincs. Look for it. It's coming up, and I think it's reallyl good.

Even while I'm typing; this article, I"m listening to music. I've got a playlist going and I'm listeining to music about whatever. It's all styles too. Right now I'm listening to some sort of tromvone solo with piano. It's by Mark Lawrence. It' s cool. It's kind of slow ;and beatiful like.

Miusicisi good. It's about emotion, about the performers' connection to the audience. nnnnd i'm making a carreer abou it. I've even got another blog abotu music. I'm still building it, but it will be good eventually . It will tell you why I like music, and analyze pieces and talke about thepory and all those things musicians like.

But wait. MThis Blog isn't about music. It's about webcomiecs. Mabye I should talk abou tw3ebcomics as wll. well, I gell like I"m in a permanent archive crawl at the moment. I"m runing through so many archive sites, some of which include music sites, actually. I'm reading music blogs to get opinoinos and eventually I'll listien to music radio shows, but webcomics.

I like webcomics, don't get me wrong. I like 'em. They're a great way to pass the time, and they're free. You can find a webomic on basically any subject, and I like that. Webcomics wil never die, you hear me? They wont.

You know something I dont' like? Teh death of adventure games, you know like Kings Quest,a dn Space Quest, adn Monkey Island? Stuff like that. Adventure games are so much fun. If you haven't played any, I highly suggest tehat you do. They are fun , adn they require that you =thinnk and stuff, unlike those first person shooters =athat are so prominant. Adventure games are great, and they ared a pioint of culture. You should check them out, rreall;y,.

I also don't like how people have goteen away from classical music. Classical music is fun. It's exciteing and sad and interesting all in one. Rock is okay, but classical takes it to a whole 'nother level. There are many great composers todya . why don't they get noticed

That's probably my biggest pet peeve, a bunch of great acts adn ideas are disappearign because recored companys don't want to sell it. you know what I say to that? Bull sh;it there is a strong audience in eveery avenure. I think the internet has proven that. Sell classical music, please. I don'st want to go to a record store to see theat the classical section is just one small section with jazz music mixed in. There is too much music in both catergories to just take up one section. Andyone tthat thinks otherwise is just stupid.

It is possible to liek multiple forms fo music. I'm listening to NIN right now. I like them. I also liek classical and coutry and pop. you don't have to like just one form of music,yuou know. I think theres' this great rift betwenn the classical and pooular idioms and it doesn't have to be there. You can like both. Stop being so close-mindeed. IT doens't get you anywhere.

I'd hatr eto se e th;e king of music that I love just disap[ear. It's just not right. Classical music is cheap. Buy it up. I guarantee thaey''lll be quality recordings. I've found abslutely amazing bperformances for three doloars. Believe me, I'm a music major. It's otu there. Increase demand for classical music, please, and modern classical music as well. There is so much great stuff that happened ikn the last cneturyt I'd hate for it to just idsappear.

I know I haven't tallked a bout webcomics much. Webcomics are art too. It's just that music is closer to me. I'm a music major and I want a jobv. Please let me have a job, please. And chceck out my other blog at It will grow. Trust me.

i'm done. Peace out.

Edit: this is the fist time I'ce actually been drunk. I've found it quite interaestting. Fist, I can't tell that I'm slurring my speachh, though I've asked someone, and he assures me that I have. Also, it's not lack of coordination that I have. rather it's lack of thought processes. Which makes it hard to type and to move, I admit. Very good. I'll see you in the moringng.

P. P. S. I'm afraid to get up for fear I should fall down.


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I am a music teacher too!

How many of us exist in the world of webcomics?

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