Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tailsteak for President! (no, really)

(Picture from Click on the picture to see it within the context of the website. )

I really enjoyed reading the tailsteak archive. I thought that switching between many different stories would get a little tired after a while, but each new story brings something fresh, and I don't remember anything that I thought was bad. (There are a few comics that miss, though).

The one arc that really endeared me to was the TQ series. TQ hangs out with Righty and Lefty (abstractions of Right and Left wing politics) and has arguments with them. The great thing about TQ is he doesn't fall within the spectrum between right and left. He forms his own ideas outside of the spectrum. I tend to have an independant view of politics, so living in a two party system annoys me to no end because neither party reflects my views. It's nice to see that someone else recognizes theres more to the world than a line.

Tailsteak is going on my top five for this series as well as for having an overall excellent site.


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