Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm back

And I'm almost done catching up with all the comics I missed. A few oservations on what happened when I was gone.

Elf Only Inn is back! Thanks to yeafduff for pointing it out. I sense a little hypocrisy on Mary's part. She seems to be busting Charles for doing exactly what she just did. Does she think the guy's cute? That's my impression, anyway.

The murder plots at Something Positive lead to a cross-over. Who knew? I felt Milholland might have either done more with this, or made it a one shot. For a while Something Positive became dark for the sake of being dark. Although, come to think of it, that's probably how you can describe most of the archives.

Oasis is back, and she seems to be trying to find herself. Bun-Bun is plotting, too, but we already knew that.

Jack is becoming delightfully recursive. I know that intruducing new characters would probably be a dertiment to the comic, but it was hard to suspend my disbelief for this. Is this God's doing or is it just random? If it is coincidence, it's a little much. The current story arc looks to be very interesting, and would probably work as a stand-alone, if you're interested in Jack. At his worst, Hopkins is preachy and overdramtic. At his best, he's an amazing story-teller. Check it out.

King Luca is charged with murder, and Gav is immune to legal action. This can only lead to insanity.

One of these days, Mookie is going to have to kill off a likeable character permanently. Stunt and Bumper have returned. Oh, what will they reap.

A time warp has wiped out the first few months of the Bob and George archive. Apparently, this change is permanent, so if you're new to Bob and George, you're missing a few bad puns and two tries at a hand-drawn comic, although you're also missing the part where the characters are developed, too.

The return of Pizza Girl (or not). Jeph has decided to be a bastard by having a Pizza Girl look-alike walk into Coffee of Doom and be offered a job. So far she has appeared in two comics, but apparently she has a strong fan-base.

Also, reading through three pages of archives takes a long time.
(Links later. Sleep now.)