Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Now That It's Finished Shrine

This is one of the main reasons I decided to make this site. There are many comics on the internet that had a definite story, and once the story was finished, the author moved on to other projects. These comics are often forgotten. That's okay, I guess, but some of the best comics out there are those where the creators were able to make the commitment to see a story through to the end. In my mind it is important that these comics are remembered as well. Also some people who are new to comics might want to see these. A completed archive might be less intimidating than a work in progress. That is what these reviews are for.

To qualify for a now that it's finished review the comic has to be one that I enjoyed and has to come to a satisfying conclusion. A satisfying conclusion is defined as one that was planned ahead of time, and which resolves all major storylines. If a comic just stops, it is not a satisfying conclusion.

This is an Archive of all the comics that I have given the Now That It's Finished treatment. Links go to the articles, not to the actual comic. However, the link to the comic will always be at the top of the article.

In my opinion finishing the story is the greatest goal a webcomic can achieve. These are some of the webcomics that have reached that goal. Congratulations.

1/0: My first review for the site. There's a reason that this was the first. 1/0 is a great comic, and a must read for anyone who like webcomics, or is curious about them.

Checkerboard Nightmare: A satire comic that ended for a few weeks before coming back, but I wrote a review for it anyway.

Mixed Myth: A fantasy parody comic. This is the review where I introduced the format I will use on all other Now That It's Finished reviews.

Queen of Wands: A real life comic that built a pretty strong following, and for good reason. Still running with commentary as of the writing of this column.

More will come later.


Anonymous lucastds said...

that's a reasonable reason to make a review site. a noble goal, too, i guess.

10:26 AM  

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