Thursday, September 08, 2005

What can I say. I'm a Romantic.

(Picture from College Roomies from Hell. Click on the image to see it within the context of the website.)

Just to let you know, I don't plan on updating this often again. It just happens that two very good comics came up on the same day and I just had to talk about both.

The relationship between Dave and Margaret has been a turbulent one. It started with Dave's crush on Margaret, though Margaret saw him as more of a nuisance. Margaret has switched multiple times between returning Dave's affections and turning him away, and Dave has just gone along for the ride.

On the other side of the triangle, there's Blue. Blue has liked Dave from the start, and hasn't stopped liking him even though he hated her at first. After a while, Dave finally realized he liked her back, but there are problems with this relationship too, which I won't go into because they don't really have anything to do with this strip.

So Dave recently went over to Margaret's apartment to talk to her, and Margaret again started to show affection for him. The only difference this time is that Dave turned her down, something he wasn't able to do before. Margaret is losing her hold on Dave.

That leads to this comic. Dave has called Blue up at her home. They recently had a fight over the fact that she was rich, and Blue got angry and left. Here Dave is trying to win her back, and actually succeeds in doing so without messing up too much.

The thing that really sells me with this strip is the last panel. Look at him. He was absolutely miserable a few seconds earlier. It's pouring rain outside. He broke his best friend's telephone. The love of his life is trying to play games with him and he knows it. He's being forced to pretend that he's the gay lover of his roomate, but in spite of all of that, he's happy.

College Roomies From Hell is going in my top 5

Edit: By the way, September 9th's comic does not in any way change my opinion of this one.


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