Tuesday, September 27, 2005


(Picture from Something Positive. Click on the picture to see it within the context of the website.)

Just... Just.. Whoa. Wow.

Randy has changed the context of the strip in one panel many times before. He knows how to surprise his audience. This is part of the reason I like Something Positive.

Look at this strip. Just look at it. In the previous strips we've seen Monette start making comics. She was just very innocently cutting up old comics so she can write her own. She even asked permission first.

However, in her lack of foresight she cut up some of Fred's old comics as well. Some were priceless collectibles.

After worrying about it and trying to replace them, she finally tells Fred in this comic. It looks like it's going to be just another touching ending, then you see the last panel.

I mean.. Sorry there are no words to describe it. Just read the comic.

Something Positive is going in my top five, and I'm considering giving it a buffer as well, just for this one comic.


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